You can find Job openings at Umedica by clicking on the "Current Job Openings" link on the website.

Yes all the jobs you see posted on our site remain open for a stipulated period of time after which all eligible applicants are called for an interview.

Yes. your resume will be added to our database. If an opening arises, we first search our database of resumes and attempt to match them to that particular opening as it is posted.

The fastest and the most efficient way to get considered for employment at Umedica is through our “Online system”. So, kindly submit your resume through our online system only.

You will receive an acknowledgment mail from us once your resume is complete in all respects and has been submitted.

Your resume will be included in our electronic resume database. You will be notified by email when your resume has been received. If you posted for a particular job, your resume will be reviewed by the hiring group to determine if your profile is a match. If you posted your resume but did not apply for a particular job, your resume will be added to our candidate database. For future job openings, our hiring managers will be able to search for and locate your resume if your profile matches the job requirements.

Due to the volume of resumes we receive, after our initial acknowledgment we do not personally contact or encourage enquiries from everyone who sends a resume for a status update. However, if your profile does match any of our job requirements, then you will be notified personally by email and by telephone.

The interview process is generally consistent across Umedica. There are generally two to three rounds of interviews in total. The first round of interviews is generally a technical interview with one or more of your potential senior members from the respective department. The next round of interviews generally provides you with an opportunity to meet with Human Resource personnel, after which an offer may be made. The number of rounds of interviews may vary depending on the nature of the job and the location. The interviews are truly a dialogue where you ask questions and learn as much about Umedica as we learn about you.

The job postings are updated on a regular basis by the hiring managers. They are removed once positions are filled and new ones posted when there is a requirement.

  • The fields marked with * are all mandatory fields. Please ensure that all such fields are duly filled, otherwise the form will NOT be accepted..
  • Under Graduate / Post Graduate Qualifications" - if your degree/diploma is not mentioned, please mention it in the "Other Qualifications" text box.
  • "Present Designation" and "Current Industry" - In case you do not find a perfect match, then please mark the designation and industry most closely resembling your current designation and industry.
  • If your present address and permanent address is the same, please mention "Same as above" in the "Permanent Address" text box.
  • Please ensure that you fill in your mobile number as it will enable us to contact you if shortlisted. If a mobile number is not available - please fill in your residence landline number.
  • Preferred Location - Please mention your preferred location/s. You can select more than one location by pressing "Ctrl" and then selecting the locations.
  • Attaching your resume is essential - the system will not accept the application if the resume is not attached.