We at UMEDICA believe that our success is built on the foundation of empowerment to our people. It is in the recognition of hidden talents and gifts in our people that our success lies and for this success to be secure and continuous we offer our people the opportunity to continue learning and working towards reaching a greater potential.

At UMEDICA we have developed a unique inhouse training program which focuses on 2 most important aspects which are the professional and the personal development of our people. It is a holistic program and cumulatively incorporates the following modules:

The Initiation & Integration module:

This module is structured to help all our people integrate into the UMEDICA culture. Only once an employee has settled into his workplace will he grow and develop into a productive member of the workforce. This module helps our people understand the organisation and to share and be united with them in the common agendas of the UMEDICA family Initiation into the UMEDICA family and its mission and work culture form the basis of this module which leads to smooth integration of individuals who become an integral part of the UMEDICA family.

Job Knowledge module:

This module is structured purely for on the job training. From a UMEDICA point of view knowledge inputs pertaining to their particular job and the knowledge levels that they will require for the next level they go to are imparted to our people.

Development module:

This module is structured purely to help our people develop additional skills. This is an important module that encourages individuals in the organisation to continue upgrading their skills and successfully adapting to the ever changing requirements of the workplace.

Individual Development module:

This module is structured to encourage a multi faceted development in our people. Helping them to see the bigger picture and to realise how best they can be useful contributors, to the success of their respective teams. In turn, how a cohesive and united team contributes to the overall success of the organisation. This module also imparts leadership training to those individuals who have been identified as having the qualities for taking over the ever increasing business and growth challenges at UMEDICA.

Learning and Training methods at UMEDICA are designed for optimal training and learning and we achieve this in the healthiest of environment. We have used the various training modules that are a part of our in house training program that we believe result in balanced and well blended learning. Along with classroom trainings there are outbound programs for experiential learning, self based learning programs and e-learning.

At UMEDICA our people know that being a part of this family is not only about being with the fastest and most dynamic pharmaceutical company in India, but also about personal growth. It is about enhancing and adding value to ones individual self. We are proud of our people and we strongly believe that they will rise to any new challenge and always come out of it with a true sense of accomplishment.